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Elements of Marketing - Back to Basics Part #1

posted 3 Aug 2015, 04:49 by Jason Purton   [ updated 6 Aug 2015, 00:10 ]

Okay, lets start to get things straight. I have recently attended some very impressive digital marketing conferences. Marketing is moving forward at a very impressive pace (about time I say). But, in this race to be the most technically advanced there seems to be a problem, the basic fundamentals of Marketing have not changed, Therefore, I would like to just stop briefly and get everyone back to the "Fundamental" basics of marketing.

Searching for the perfect customer - Start with market research

Part #1: Marketing Research

Ahh, the often ignored market research. Ask around and you will no doubt hear from someone "I can't afford to spend money on advertising". Too many times I have seen people and companies dive into spending money on some form of advertising, get no result, then write it off as it doesn't work. All of this effort and some simple customer research would likely have told them that they are not targeting the customers that are interested in their product.

How to...

The first step is to get to know who is interested in, and will buy your products. For some this may be as simple as noting who walks in the door, but the idea is to get an insight into the Who, What, When, Where and Why you event have customers. An example: a cafe spends a week noting (that's right! Noting, in a book, with a pen) who comes. And the results; before 8:00am each morning they mostly have cyclists. between 7:30am and 10:00am they have mainly office workers, and after 10:00am groups of mothers with kids. Sounds pretty simple... it is (well not always this simple, but the concept is).